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fucking WANKERS.

I'm getting sick of these wankers direct linking any image they can to my site. I'm pissed off by this because I am not the one paying for my site. It's kaoru13's site and I feel like fucking shit because my site is now sometimes using 400MB a day. 400 FUCKING MEGABYTES. Why? Because these little fanshits fansluts (*hugs ibitsu's word XD*) WON'T stop fucking hot linking. I've put up a message on the splash page to the site saying I disabled direct linking and THEY WON'T STOP. I used to use a picture of Yomi and his... beautiful *cough* ass, but that obviously makes them want to do it MORE.

So now, for the wanking bitches, they get a new image. Plain and simple one. Telling them "Stop being a fucking WANKER and upload the images to your own server. P.S. You suck. Go die." OH WOWZ IT'S FUNNAYS?

*pissed* x____x

I'm THIS close to taking down the image galleries because of this. I'm making this a public entry to let people who find my LJ through my site and like to direct link to FUCK OFF AND GO SUCK A BIG ONE.

... <3
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